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Keeping You Safe is Our Passion…Threat Management is Your Result!

About Our Company - What We Stand For….

When Q Innovations first began, we had a strong desire to protect our clients with a secure IT environment. As cyber threats increased, our vision grew even stronger, leading us to support our end users with an exceptionally secure platform that prevents intrusion of cyber threats. Today, as a reputable, well established company, Q-Innovation consistently fulfills its mission, which is to maintain the highest level of quality, integrity and cyber threat management for our clients.

What sets us apart is our team’s ability to handle every aspect involving malware, cyber threats, hacking, malicious code or unauthorized access. We thrive on protecting critical information 24 hours a day and we stand ready and prepared to stop those that are bent on causing damage and destruction. To keep your information safe, we plan and recommend the most appropriate strategies, focusing heavily on protecting privacy, operations and systems.

We are fully confident in our high-tech solutions because we have proven to nip any problems in the bud before they create havoc. Yes, technology challenges are on the rise; however, we maintain vigilance by staying abreast of the newer threats and the solutions that stop them in their tracks.

We have been around long enough to know that today’s threats are far more difficult than yesterdays and tomorrows will probably be even worse. As a result, we analyze the situation on a daily basis and then we follow up by keeping threats at bay. Since there is nothing more important than keeping any hacker or malicious piece of code from destroying the fabric of our economy, we are here for our clients at every turn. In other words, we remain vigilant in our effort to protect every small or medium size business from cyber-attacks, ransomware and malware, safeguarding our clients against cyber criminals and cyber threats.

We are a Microsoft Partner and solution Provider.

Our solid technology and expertise will keep your information safe, plus we will also show you how to benefit from new and emerging technologies including full IT Service Solutions, Customized Applications, Programming and Disaster Recovery solutions as well as Secure Customized Desktop Client Solutions for Users, Asset Tagging, Remote Access Management, Monitoring/Reporting, End to End Software and Hardware solutions, and much, much more. Please see services page (link) for additional details. We are only an e-mail away or phone calle away so when you are ready for the assurance of a secure system, we would love the opportunity to protect your vulnerable business information.